Mission & Operating Principles

Mission & Operating Principles

ILSI's Mission

ILSI is a global, nonprofit federation dedicated to generating and advancing emerging science and groundbreaking research to ensure foods are safe, nutritious and sustainable, and that they improve planetary and human health and well-being in the 21st century.

ILSI convenes scientists at the forefront of research on nutrition, food safety and sustainability, and operates within a framework of the highest principles of scientific integrity. ILSI's trusted experts and volunteers around the world work synergistically and transparently across academia and the public and private sectors.


ILSI's Vision

ILSI envisions a future where its thought leadership positively impacts health and sustainability through decisions informed by science, and provides input to overcome global food challenges through collaboration across sectors.


ILSI's Operating Principles

Science for the Public Good
All ILSI scientific activities have a primary public purpose and benefit.

Scientists from geographically diverse regions of the world can best address complex science and health issues by sharing their unique skills, insights, and perspectives.

Shared Values
ILSI believes scientists from industry, government, and academia and other sectors of society can and should work together to identify and address topics of common interest.

All ILSI's activities are conducted in an open and transparent manner and all scientific outcomes are made available to the public to ensure confidence in the integrity of the scientific process. The purpose and funding sources for all ILSI sponsored meetings; symposia; conference; seminars; and workshops are fully disclosed.

All publications list funding sources and sponsors. Speakers and authors sign disclosures of financial and other interests related to the contents of their presentations and/or articles.

Lobbying and Advocacy
ILSI does not lobby, conduct lobbying activities, or make policy recommendations.


ILSI's Mandatory Policies

Each ILSI entity (and, as applicable, its Board of Trustees, staff, and representatives) shall comply with the policies that are contained in ILSI's Mandatory Policies. ILSI Entities are obligated to adhere to these policies through their charter agreements.


ILSI’s Code of Ethics

ILSI's Code of Ethics outlines the principles that guide us, as well as all the individuals who work with us.


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ILSI is a non-profit, charitable organization organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. ILSI does not engage in lobbying or political activities. All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by U.S. tax law.