Assembly of Members


The Assembly of Members is composed of one representative from each ILSI Taiwan member company. The assembly holds the highest authority within ILSI Taiwan and is responsible for electing the Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors, as well as providing financial oversight and support for all ILSI Taiwan activities.

ILSI Taiwan is maintaining a steady growth in member number, with a 1:2 ratio of multinational and local companies and a scope of food/ nutrition/ pharma companies.

As of July 2019, ILSI Taiwan has 48 member companies.

ILSI Taiwan Members

 3M Taiwan Ltd.  King Car Food Industrial Co., Ltd.
 Abbott Laboratories Services Corporation,  Kuang Chuan Dairy Co., Ltd.
 Taiwan Branch
 AGV Products Corp.  Laurel Enterprises Corporation
 Ajinomoto Taiwan Inc.  Lian Hwa Foods Corporation
 Allied Biotech Corp.  Monsanto Far East Ltd.,
 Taiwan Branch
 Amway Taiwan Company Limited  NAGASE (Taiwan) Co., LTD
 BASF Taiwan Ltd.  Namchow Holdings Co., Ltd.
 BRAND's Suntory Ltd. Taiwan Branch  Nestle Taiwan Ltd.
 Chien Cheng Trading Co., Ltd.  Nu Skin Taiwan
 China Grain Products Research &   Nutritec-Enjoy Corporation
 Development Institute
 Coca-Cola Far East Ltd. Taiwan Branch  Nutritec-Enjoy Nutrition Center Inc. (NENC)
 Creation Food Co., Ltd.  Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd.
 Dupont Taiwan Limited  PepsiCo Foods Taiwan Co., Ltd.
 Fresenius Kabi Taiwan Ltd.  Pfizer Limited
 Gemfont Corporation  Prospect Hospitality Co., Ltd.
 Developmental Licensee of McDonald's
 Genconn Biotech Co., Ltd..  South Plastic Industry Co., LTD
 Glory Kingdom Corp.  Standard Foods Corporation
 Grape King Inc.  Syngenta Taiwan Ltd.
 Great Wall Enterprise Co., Ltd.  Taiwan Chlorella Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
 Herbalife Taiwan Inc., Taiwan Branch  Toong Yeuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.
 Hey-Song Corporation  Uni-President Enterprises Corporation
 Hsin Tung Yang Co., Ltd.  Vedan Enterprise Corporation
 I-Lan Foods Industrial Co., Ltd.  Vitalon Foods Company
 K&K Foods Ltd.  Wei Chuan Foods Corporation

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