ILSI Taiwan Food Safety Committee Provides a Communication Platform for Industry-Academia-Government on Current Food Safety Issues.

Although the topic of food safety has been one of increasing public concern and scrutiny in Taiwan over the past few years, domestic efforts toward revising current food safety laws into a more coherent, comprehensive, and up-to-date system of management have been impeded by a lack of dialogue between stakeholders.

ILSI Taiwan, working in accordance with our core value of cross-sector collaboration, has offered a resolution to this by establishing a neutral platform, based on science, upon which industry, academia, and government sectors can meet and communicate about identified food safety issues.

A collaborative effort with the Taiwan Association for Food Science and Technology (TAFST), sponsored by Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA), the Tripartite Communication Platform was launched in June of 2014 with a series of five explanatory meetings on topics ranging from food labeling practices to genetically modified food regulations.

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Capacity Building among Members: ILSI Taiwan Food Safety Regulation Study Group Meeting Series

With fast- changing food regulations in Taiwan, it is challenging for the food industry to manage regulatory issues, especially for the staff of SRA.

Starting from 2015, ILSI Taiwan Food Committee had held several food safety regulation study group meetings for our members, with an aim to help build capacity and competency for scientific regulatory affairs (SRA) representatives. We believe, with improved capacity and competency, SRA community can better manage regulatory issues.

Seminars or round-table discussions will be held in bi-monthly meetings.  And the topics will be identified based on local need and international trend.

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