Missions & Operating Principles

Missions & Operating Principles


ILSI Taiwan aims to:

  • Promote the betterment of food safety, nutrition, and related public health issues
  • Strengthen public education related to food safety and nutrition
  • Promote the protection of the environment
  • Harmonize regional understandings of health, wellness, and environmental issues with international standards
  • Build the professional capacity of industry via symposia, workshops, seminars, discussions, etc.
  • Foster cooperation between industry, academia, and the public sector
  • Cooperate with public sector research institutions or corporations on scientific research projects
  • Provide health and dietary aid for vulnerable populations in underdeveloped areas of Taiwan as well as globally

Operating Principles

ILSI Taiwan operates on several core principles:

Cross-sector collaboration

The food industry in Taiwan is predominantly composed of small and medium enterprises. With limited funding for individual research and development, these companies must pool resources and work together to generate effective solutions for common food safety issues.

In the words of ILSI Taiwan founding president and National Taiwan University Professor Emeritus of Food Science and Technology Dr. Lucy Sun Hwang, “The issue of food safety is one that affects everyone. We hope that the establishment of ILSI Taiwan will foster cross-sector collaboration between industry, academia, and the public sector, ultimately creating better solutions for food safety and public health issues.”

International cooperation and harmonization

As part of the ILSI global network, ILSI Taiwan is granted the status of a non-governmental organization (NGO) and is able to participate in international organizations such as the Codex Alimentarius Commission, serving as a facilitator of international harmonization between Taiwan and the world.

ILSI Taiwan also serves as a platform for communication between consumers, industry, academia, and the public sector, fostering cooperation between these groups in hopes of aiding the discussion and resolution of public health issues.

Science as a shared foundation

Taiwan is currently at a critical stage in the development of a food safety management system. Amidst the numerous and often conflicting viewpoints and expectations of consumers, industry, and other sectors, ILSI Taiwan stands out as a resource that combines the practical experience of industry with the hard evidence of academia on a shared foundation of science.

Through discussions led by our experts, ILSI Taiwan hopes to provide scientific solutions of the highest quality and integrity that can then be disseminated to the general public.