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ILSI Europe: Understanding Consumer Behavior

ILSI Europe is building on its already robust body of work on consumer behavior related to food choice and diet. The ILSI Europe Strategic Issues Committee identified understanding the varied and complex factors that influence food behavior, and a project on the theme "Nudging and Sustainable Changes towards Healthier Food Choices" will launch soon. For more information, contact Pierre Dussort, PhD, at or visit: Consumer Behaviour Determinants

Summary Report: Mini-Symposium on Sarcopenia and Frailty

ILSI Southeast Asia Region organized the "Symposium on Sarcopenia and Frailty – Assessment, Prevalence and Prevention" with the objectives to discuss assessment, prevalence, biological and clinical factors issues surrounding sarcopenia and frailty in Singapore, and the importance of adequate intake and proper daily distribution of good quality dietary protein for prevention of sarcopenia and frailty. A summary report from the event is available: Sarcopenia and Frailty Report, as are PDF copies of the experts' presentations: Sarcopenia and Frailty Presentations.

2015 and 2014 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements for ILSI and Affiliate are now available: Consolidated Financial Statements