Food Safety Magazine published a new article from Nutrition Reviews co-authors

2 May, 2023

Co-authors of a recent Nutrition Reviews research supplement contributed an article to Food Safety Magazine highlighting recommendations for addressing food safety concerns in human milk banks.

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Nutrition Reviews publishes new research supplement on human milk banks

9 March, 2023

ILSI has announced the publication of an open access Nutrition Reviews article providing recommendations to standardize the organization, management and procedures for human milk donation and banking.

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ILSI releases a new, comprehensive resource on food safety

17 October, 2022

ILSI has released a new book, Present Knowledge in Food Safety: A Risk-Based Approach Through the Food Chain, which presents approaches for exposure-led risk assessment and management of food contamination at key stages of production.

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ILSI Marks World Food Day 2022

13 October, 2022

As an international federation focused on delivering evidence-based science to help solve the world's most pressing nutrition, food safety and sustainability challenges of the 21st century, ILSI Global and ILSI entities work synergistically with organizations like FAO to improve health, wellbeing and the environment all around the globe.

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ILSI's article on improving food allergen safety

20 September, 2022

For Food Safety Education Month, ILSI Global and ILSI Europe published an article with Food Safety Magazine to help food producers, businesses and consumers manage risk, allergens and safety.

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ILSI 2022 Annual Meeting and Science Symposium

21 June, 2022

Schedule of sessions and press registration information now available. This annual symposium will feature seven sessions with presentations on timely, innovative topics, such as managing food safety in the post-Covid era and new technologies to bolster food safety and health.

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ILSI Launches New Research Program in the U.S. and Canada

7 June, 2022

ILSI’s new research program will offer a multi-sector platform and network for advancing scientific research on nutrition, food safety and sustainability that is regionally relevant and globally significant.

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ILSI Federation Announces Collective, Global Rebranding

23 May, 2022

ILSI has rebranded! The effort includes a new logo, a refreshed visual identity and an updated website, which all reflect the organization’s evolution and its aspirations for the future.

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2021 News Items

ILSI earned the 2021 Gold Seal of Transparency

15 November, 2021

ILSI Global earned Guidestar's 2021 Gold Seal of Transparency! ILSI's Mandatory Policies, Principles of Scientific Integrity and transparency demonstrate that ILSI operates in a forthright manner for the public benefit.

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2020 ILSI Annual Report

While 2020 was a challenging year, the ILSI Federation found a way to continue upholding its mission and strengthening its values by convening scientists to discuss important topics for the public good.

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ILSI’s article on nutrition for healthier pregnancies and young children

18 October, 2021

Leaders from both ILSI Global and the ILSI Southeast Asia Region contributed a new article to the Southeast Asia Globe.

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ILSI’s Contributions to United Nations Food Systems Summit 2021 Events

23 September, 2021

ILSI shares many of the same goals as the UN Food Systems Summit and hosted affiliated events during the UNFSS21 Pre-Summit in July.

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ILSI convenes important discussions on COVID-19

17 September, 2021

ILSI has helped to continue the dialogue about how COVID-19 impacts health, workers and food supply chains.

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Media advisory: ILSI to Host a UN Food Systems Summit Pre-Summit Side Event

21 July, 2021

On July 26, ILSI will host an affiliated session on healthy aging during the United Nations Food Systems Summit 2021 Pre-Summit.

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Media advisory: ILSI 2021 Annual Symposium

7 April, 2021

ILSI's schedule of sessions and press registration information is now available.

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Previous ILSI News Items

ILSI Japan Announces New Executive Director

1 July, 2018

ILSI Japan welcomes Mr. Hideyo Nakamura as Executive Director.

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ILSI Welcomes New Director of Operations

18 June, 2018

ILSI Governance and Coordination welcomes Dr. Stéphane Vidry as the Director of Operations.

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ILSI North Andean Announces New Executive Director

ILSI North Andean welcomes Ms. Claudia Manzano as Executive Director.

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ILSI Taiwan Welcomes New Executive Director

1 April, 2018

ILSI Taiwan welcomes Dr. Bonnie Chou as Executive Director.

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