The Human Microbiome: Sharing Our Bodies

This session is sponsored by ILSI, the ILSI Research Foundation, and ILSI branches worldwide.

The role of microbiota in health is an exciting field in nutrition science given the symbiotic relationship between the human host and its trillions of microorganisms. We are just beginning to understand their potential in mitigating disease and promoting health. In this session, designed for nutritionists, dietitians, and other health professionals, presenters will describe this complex, interdependent relationship; what we know about the role microbiota play in nutrient metabolism; and if and how we can modify the diet to improve our individual microbiomes.

Sharing Our Bodies: The Symbiosis of Humans and Our Microbiota: A High-Level Overview of Research in the Field
Christian Hoffmann, PhD (Session Chair)
University of São Paulo

Exploring the Role of the Major Gut Microbiota Clusters on Nutritional and Functional Benefits of Nutrients and Non-nutrients
Ian Rowland, PhD, RNutr
University of Reading
United Kingdom

The Role of Microbiota in Nutrient Metabolism and Bioavailability
Fabrice Vaillant, PhD

Mapping Asian Gut Microbiota Across Age and Geography – What are the Health Implications?
Yuan Kun Lee, PhD
National University of Singapore


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