2017 Annual Meeting Scientific Sessions

PDF and video versions of presentations are available.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

ILSI North America Keynote Speakers

Michael Marlow, PhD
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Do the Benefits of California's Proposition 65 Law Outweigh Its Costs? (PDF)

Lauren Oleksyk, MSM
US Army Natick Solider Research, Development & Engineering
The Future of 3D Food Printing at the Military: Nutrition Tailored  Rations that Meet Individual Needs (presentation unavailable)

ILSI Keynote Speakers

Samuel Godefroy, PhD
Université Laval
Are International Food Standards Coping with Our Needs (PDF)

Jessica Fanzo, PhD
Johns Hopkins University
Sustainable Diets: Can We Feed the World Well and Protect the Planet? (PDF)

 Monday, 23 January 2017


Food Allergies

ILSI North America Scientific Session: Developing Science on the Prevention & Management of Food Allergies: Charting a Path Forward

The session provide an update on the current and emerging science on the prevention and management of allergies, including a discussion on a path forward towards identifying at-risk populations, establishing thresholds and food labeling.


Global Food Systems

ILSI Research Foundation Scientific Session: Hungry Cities: The Global Revolution in Food Systems

Experts explained how food systems are transforming to meet demand in geographically dispersed towns, small and medium cities, and increasing population concentrations in mega cities. Focus is on low and middle income countries.


Hot Topics on Protein: All Pros, No Cons?

ILSI North America Scientific Session: Protein

This session provide perspectives on protein requirements for humans and on food technologies addressing protein quality, sourcing, and development.


Cancer & Food

ILSI North America Scientific Session: Cancer & Food –Moving from Toxicology to Whole Diet

This multidisciplinary session provided a 360-degree overview of past, present and future research and approaches for diet and cancer prevention, etiology, and treatment.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Safe Water

ILSI North America Scientific Session:  Water I: Pursuing a Safe & Reliable Supply

The session explored the challenges associated with contaminants and toxicities in water & efforts underway to ensure a safe and reliable supply of water.


Nutrition & Technology

ILSI North America Scientific Session: Personalized Nutrition & Technology: What’s in it for ME?

This session reviewed the state of the science and technology in personalized nutrition and discuss benefits of and challenges to implementation.