ILSI’s article on allergen risk assessments for safety in food labeling

September 20, 2022

September is Food Safety Education Month. To mark this important month, ILSI Global and ILSI Europe just published a piece in Food Safety Magazine to help food producers, businesses and consumers manage risk, allergens and safety.

Included as a lead article in Food Safety Magazine's eDigest today, this ILSI-authored piece cites recent scientific papers addressing allergen risk assessments for safer, more effective food labeling.

Supporting the health and safety of people living with food allergies is an incredibly important topic, especially as allergies and their impacts are on the rise around the globe. In fact, researchers have found that "the rate of food allergies worldwide has increased from around 3% of the population in 1960 to around 7% in 2018." The ILSI leaders who authored this piece contend that improved, standardized allergen labeling can benefit not just consumers, but food producers and businesses as well.

ILSI's contribution for Food Safety Education Month is available here on the Food Safety Magazine website. We encourage members of the ILSI community to read this important article and share it with their colleagues and professional networks.