ILSI’s article on nutrition for healthier pregnancies and young children

October 18, 2021

Earlier this year, the ILSI Southeast Asia Region published an article in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition to provide information from the ILSI symposium on the prevalence, risk factors and actions to address gestational diabetes in select Southeast Asian countries.

ILSI works to support improved maternal and child health and nutrition around the world. To help inform nutrition, public health, medical and pediatric professionals, ILSI has listed many peer-reviewed, scientific resources online here. In addition, ILSI leaders from both ILSI Global and the ILSI Southeast Asia Region contributed this article to the Southeast Asia Globe.

In this recently published piece, Stéphane Vidry and Boon Yee Yeong argue that, "nutrition is a critical issue now as the Covid-19 pandemic affects the food supply and food security for many people around the globe." Also, they highlight that the "collective efforts of professionals from nutritionists and healthcare providers to those working in the food industry can have a tremendous public benefit for future generations of women."

Read more from ILSI's analysis here. Additional scientific research articles are also accessible from ILSI's website here.