Dietary Fat: Quantity or Quality?

ILSI Europe has formed a new task force which will review scientific publications on the effects of the intake of dietary fats on human health.The Qualitative Fat Intake Task Force will also compare dietary recommendations related to dietary fat across geography, as some countries use food-based dietary guidelines and others use nutrient-based guidelines.

Data from some recent studies suggest the link between dietary fats and heart disease (harmful and protective) may be weaker than previously thought. Within this context, the task force’s first activity is to explore if recent data challenging existing assumptions on the role of saturated fatty acids (SFA) in heart disease are compelling enough to rethink current health guidance.

An expert group will take inventory of current dietary recommendations and food-based guidelines on SFA intake with a goal to compare SFA recommendations throughout Europe. In particular, the task force will seek to explain discrepancies due to different underlying dietary guidance rationales and/or varying interpretation of the existing science.

The Qualitative Fat Intake Task Force is ultimately interested in providing science that updates and improves 1) understanding of how dietary fat affects health and 2) health guidance related to dietary fat consumption.

For more information about the task force and its work, contact Lilou van Lieshout at ILSI Europe:

ILSI News | November 2016
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