ILSI Newsletter | August 2019

Volume 37, Number 4

ILSI North America Announces New Executive Director


ILSI North America

ILSI North America announces Dr. Wendelyn Jones as its new Executive Director, effective 3 September. Dr. Jones has a strong scientific background in the food, agriculture and chemical industries, and brings over 20 years of global experience in industry and government. Under this new leadership, ILSI North America will continue its legacy of scientific integrity while developing innovative solutions for today and tomorrow’s scientific opportunities and challenges.

ILSI South Africa Announces New Executive Director


ILSI South Africa

ILSI South Africa announces Ms. Nazeeia Sayed as Executive Director, effective 1 July. Ms. Sayed is a registered dietitian and final year PhD student at the University of Pretoria. Ms. Sayed has a vast breadth of experience in academia; as a lecturer, as a scientist with the Medical Research Council in South Africa where she worked on Food Composition, and she also has provided technical nutrition support to R&D teams in food industry, consulted on nutrition strategy and communication development, project management, writing research proposals and literature reviews.

ILSI North America’s Scientific Integrity Review is Now Available

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ILSI North America

In 2018, ILSI North America invited the National Academy of Public Administration, a congressionally chartered nonprofit organization, to conduct an independent review of how its scientific research activities align with ILSI’s Principles for Scientific Integrity. From this review, ILSI North America has obtained valuable insight into how it can further strengthen and increase transparency of its research activities.

ILSI North America Launches Funded Project Repository

Science Chemical medical research lab with Microscope.

ILSI North America

3 July, ILSI North America launched a new public repository of projects funded by its scientific committees. The repository showcases all projects from 2013 and later and is designed to increase the transparency of work supported by ILSI North America to the public and to the scientific community.

ILSI Mesoamerica Celebrates 5th Anniversary


ILSI Mesoamerica

5 July, ILSI Mesoamerica celebrated its 5th anniversary as an organization. ILSI Mesoamerica includes the countries of Central America and the Caribbean. It started with 10 industry members and 5 academic partners from Costa Rica. By 2019 there are 17 industry members, 10 academic partners from Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Trinidad & Tobago, and Costa Rica, as well as 5 cooperation agreements with Ministries, Research Centers, and other institutions. During these five years, more than 37 events have taken place, including trainings, symposia, workshops and/or courses, and 9 research projects have been developed. More information.

Value Addition to Agriculture


ILSI India

5 July, ILSI India published a report on “Value Addition to Agriculture through Food Processing: Science, Technology, Benefits.” The report provides information underlining the important role of food processing in checking huge post-harvest food losses faced by India and create awareness on new developments in technologies - particularly protecting nutrient contents while ensuring food safety. More information.

Special Session: Science-based Policy for Gene Edited Crops

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ILSI Korea

4 July, during KSBS&SABRAO, ILSI Korea and the Green-bio Forum organized a special session on “Science-based Policy for Gene Edited Crops.” Session attendees included academia, industry, and ministry representatives. Four speakers presented the status and strategy of policy on biotechnology and GE in U.S, Japan, EU and Latin America. More information.

National Workshop on Development of Nutrient Profiling in Indonesia

National Workshop on Development of Nutrient Profiling (NP) in Indonesia

ILSI Southeast Asia Region

3-4 July, ILSI Southeast Asia region and its Indonesia Country Committee as well as National Agency for Drug and Food Control (BPOM) organized a national workshop on Development of Nutrient Profiling (NP) in Indonesia. This workshop provided the platform to give an overview of NP and its application; share experience and knowledge for the development and implementation of the nutrient profile system in regional countries; identify challenges and opportunities for improvement of nutrient profiles in food products; as well as discuss and provide hands on exercise in using a scientific process for the development of nutrient profile of selected categories of food products. More information.

Advances on Intestinal Microbiome, Nutrition and Health

Photo 3 - 28 June course

ILSI South Andean

28 June, ILSI South Andean hosted a course on “Advances on Intestinal Microbiome, Nutrition and Health”. The course was led by Dr. Daniel Garrido and participants included nutrition professionals, food engineers, nutrition students, and food industry representatives. The course focused on advances in DNA sequencing technologies and how the modeling of gut microbes has greatly increased our knowledge of the dynamic composition of the microbiome. Understanding the forces that guide microbiome development and composition is important to determine its role in health and in the intervention of the gut microbiome as a therapeutic tool. More information.

New ELANS Publication


ILSI Argentina

24 June, BMC Public Health published the article “Association of Moderate-to-vigorous Physical Activity with Neck Circumference in Eight Latin American Countries.” The article explores the association between accelerometer-determined MVPA (Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity) and NC (Neck Circumference) in adolescents and adults from 8 Latin American countries. The study provided evidence of significant associations between MVPA and NC in adolescents and adults from Latin America, independent of sex, age, socioeconomic level, and educational level. More information.

Safety Assessment of Foods and Feeds Derived from Genetically Engineered Plants: Phase II Technical Workshop


ILSI Research Foundation

The ILSI Research Foundation recently concluded a two-part technical training program on safety assessment of foods and feeds derived from genetically engineered plants, with Phase II taking place 17-21 June in Washington, DC and Ashland, OH. With thanks to ILSI Focal Point in China, our organizing partner in Beijing, and Charles River Laboratories, our hosting partner in Ashland, 10 Chinese scientists participating in the workshop had the opportunity to tour laboratories and observe demonstrations of how food safety assessment tests are managed and conducted for GE plants, as well as how data are collected and interpreted. More information.


Reduction of Microbiological Contamination of Food: Advances in the Application of Antibacterials and Thermal and Non-thermal Treatments

Photo 2 _ May 31 course

ILSI South Andean

31 May, ILSI South Andean hosted a course on the “Reduction of Microbiological Contamination of Food: Advances in the Application of Antibacterials and Thermal and Non-thermal Treatments.” The course was led by Professor Luis Lopez of the University of Chile. Participants included nutrition professionals, food engineers, nutrition students, and food industry representatives. The course addressed how to reduce microbiological contamination of food at levels that do not cause public health problems and/or product alterations, which has been a challenge. More information.


ILSI South Andean – SEK University Conference

Photo 1 - ILSI SA - USEK

ILSI South Andean

25 May, ILSI South Andean and SEK University in Chile organized a Nutrition and Food Conference. The goal of the conference was to update knowledge and best practices for nutrition professionals and students. The conference included prominent speakers in the areas of sleep nutrition and cognitive function, glycemic index and fiber, nanotechnology applied to food, and the Ibero-American Consensus on non-caloric sweeteners. More information.


Food Safety and Nutrition Assurance Seminar Series

SEAR Philippines

ILSI Southeast Asia Region

Organized by ILSI Southeast Asia Region Philippines Country Committee, the 1st ILSI SEAR Philippines Food Safety and Nutrition Assurance Seminar Series took place on 23 May in Manila, Philippines. The 1-day seminar had highlighted and discussed current epidemiology of different food-borne diseases; presented new understanding of current food pathogens as well as the government’s efforts and regulations to ensure food products’ quality and safety. It also provided a platform to discuss current road map and future directions in strengthening food safety culture and in improving food safety in the country. More information.


Science Symposium on Human Variability & Personalized Nutrition: Opportunities for Research, Public Health Benefits and Food Innovation

Science Symposium on Human Variability Personalized Nutrition Opportunities for Research, Public Health Benefits and Food Innovation

ILSI Southeast Asia Region

ILSI Southeast Asia Region hosted a Science Symposium on Human Variability & Personalized Nutrition in Singapore with CNRC - A*STAR, Singapore, and in collaboration with CSIRO on 17 May in Singapore. The theme of the symposium was “Opportunities for Research, Public Health Benefits and Food Innovation”. It was agreed in the panel discussion that as the paradigm of science and nutrition becomes increasingly complex, there is a need to broaden the concept of personalized nutrition and efficiently translate new knowledge from research to application to meet the nexus of supply and demand. More information.


Conference on Human Variability in Response to Food and Nutrients: Building the Bridge to Personalized Nutrition

human variability

ILSI Southeast Asia Region

14 May, ILSI Southeast Asia Region Australasia Country Committee, CSIRO, Australia and UniSA Business School, Australia organized a conference on Human Variability in Response to Food and Nutrients in Sydney, Australia. The meeting explored the nature of individual human variation in response to food choice and nutrient intake, and how that may initiate a new era of opportunity for personalized nutrition. More information.


Nutrition Reviews

Nutrition Reviews


Chinese and Japanese Translation

Did you know that select content from Nutrition Reviews is available in Chinese and Japanese translation courtesy of ILSI Focal Point in China and ILSI Japan? Chinese translations of all article abstracts, can be accessed via registration. Japanese translations of select articles are available via subscription. Members of ILSI Japan can subscribe through the ILSI Japan website.


ILSI at Asian Congress of Nutrition 2019

4-7 August | Bali, Indonesia
Several ILSI Entities are sponsoring 3 symposium sessions at the Asian Congress of Nutrition 2019.
Visit ILSI at Booth S3!

ILSI Southeast Asia Region

Seminar on Scientific Approaches and Regulatory Development
Seminar on Scientific Approaches and Regulatory Development: Environmental Risk Assessment and Genome Editing 
21 August | Seri Kembangan, Malaysia
This event is organized by USDA-FAS, ILSI Southeast Asia Region and CropLife Asia. More information.

ILSI South Andean

Maximum Limits of Pesticide Residues in Food
August 22 | Santiago, Chile
ILSI South Andean hosts a course to discuss how MRL levels are determined to be safe for consumers. For more information or to register, email

ILSI Southeast Asia Region

Genome Editing
Seminar on Scientific Approaches and Regulatory Development: Staked Traits and Genome Editing
23 August | Singapore
This event is organized by USDA-FAS, ILSI Southeast Asia Region and CropLife Asia, in-collaboration with GMAC. More information.

ILSI Europe

ILSI Europe at EUROTOX 2019
8-11 September | Helsinki, Finland
ILSI Europe’s Sessions and Continuous Education Course are part of the Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology program. The Institute will also be at the exhibition area present with a booth space #56. More information or email

ILSI North America

Yogurt parfait with blackberries and granola in a jar. Healthy breakfast, overnight oats or snack. Copy space for text
Tools and Tactics for Reducing Added Sugars Intake: Guidance for Practitioners Including Low-Calorie Sweetener Safety and Appropriate Use 
18 September | Webinar
This webinar, hosted jointly by ILSI North America and Diabetes Canada, will provide guidance for practitioners on reducing added sugars intake, including low-calorie sweetener safety and appropriate use.

ILSI Southeast Asia Region

SEAR- food packaging
Symposium on Scientific Development of Food Packaging: Innovation, Safety and Sustainability
24-25 September | Penang, Malaysia
This event is organized by ILSI SEA Region and its Malaysia Country Committee, co-organized with Food Safety and Quality Division, Ministry of Health, Malaysia. More information.

ILSI Southeast Asia Region

SEAR Safety Assessment and Regulations for Recycled Packaging
Seminar on Food Packaging: Safety Assessment and Regulations for Recycled Packaging 
26 September | Bangkok, Thailand 
This event is organized by ILSI Southeast Asia Region Thailand Country Committee. More information.

ILSI Asian Entities

11th ILSI BeSeTo Meeting
26-27 September | Penang, Malaysia
Hosted by ILSI Southeast Asia Region, this event will be attended by representatives from the 5 ILSI Asian Entities in Asia to facilitate the sharing of information on emerging food and nutrition safety, risk assessment and regulatory updates, and to discuss possible collaboration in the Asian region. More information.

ILSI Japan

8th International Conference on Nutrition and Aging
1-2 October | Tokyo, Japan

ILSI Europe

Workshop ‘The Potential for Incorporating Data on Occurrence and Consumer Loyalty into Dietary Exposure Models’
14 October | Dublin, Ireland
ILSI Europe’s Dietary Intake and Exposure Task Force is organizing a satellite pre-congress workshop to the FENS Congress. The Workshop aims to establish more realistic models for consumer exposure to additives. More information or email

ILSI Europe

ILSI Europe at FENS – 13th European Nutrition Conference
15-18 October | Dublin, Ireland
ILSI Europe together with 8 of its Food Safety and Nutrition task forces organizes 6 scientific sessions at the 13th European Nutrition Conference. ILSI and ILSI Europe present jointly with a booth space #6 at the exhibition area. More information or email


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Diet, Lifestyle, and Sarcopenia Session
23 October | Taipei, Taiwan
ILSI Taiwan and ILSI Southeast Asia Region will co-organize a scientific session on Diet, Lifestyle and Sarcopenia at the 5th Asian Conference for Frailty and Sarcopenia.

ILSI Southeast Asia Region

Whole Genome Sequencing Conference
Whole Genome Sequencing Conference
30 October | Wellington, New Zealand
This event is organized by ILSI Southeast Asia Region Australasia Country Committee and CSIRO. More information.


Smiling baby Brown-throated Three-toed sloth in the mangrove, Caribbean,  Costa Rica

2020 ILSI Annual Meeting & Science Symposium

17-21 January | San Jose, Costa Rica

Save the Date! Registration to go live in early September.
More details to follow.

ILSI Europe

Mockup food takeaway packaging for cafe and restaurant - cardboard box for coffee, burger, noodles, sandwich, sushi on light white wood table.
7th International Symposium on Food Packaging – Scientific Developments Supporting Safety and Innovation
18-20 November| Barcelona, Spain
The ILSI Europe International Symposia on Food Packaging are held every four years and are internationally recognized as a scientific forum to discuss the science that ensures the safety and quality of food packaging. The 7th symposium will be held in November 2020 emphasizing the innovations in the area of food packaging. More information or email