ILSI’s 2024 Annual Science Symposium Video Recordings

Dear ILSI Community,

We are excited to announce that video recordings of sessions from the 2024 ILSI Annual Science Symposium (January 22-23; Clearwater, FL, USA) will be available exclusively to paying viewers from February 15, 2024, through September 2024.

To register for exclusive access to the ILSI 2024 Annual Science Symposium videos, please click here. Please note that there is a $200 USD fee for this exclusive access. As soon as the videos are available, you will receive a unique invitation link to view them online. We are anticipating the videos to be available on or around February 15, 2024, and you will receive your link to the videos at that time. We encourage you to register for video access so you can enjoy the wealth of insights and discussions shared during the Annual Meeting.

Note: ILSI will only provide access to presentation videos from symposium speakers who are willing to be recorded.


  • Opening of the Symposium: ILSI's 2024 Annual Meeting will get its start with a special presentation on the USDA's new Science and Research Strategy by Deirdra N. Chester, PhD, RDN, Director in the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS/OSEC) at the USDA. Following her presentation will be the keynote speaker, John G. Keogh, M.B.A., M.Sc., from Shantalla Insight Partners LLC, who will discuss the role of technologies in improving nutrition, food safety and food systems.
  • Session 1 – Cultivated Meats: Pioneering Safety in Next-Gen Proteins
  • Session 2 – Deep Space Food Challenge: Insights into the Future of Food Production Systems
  • Session 3 – Advances in Healthy Aging: Innovative Approaches and Technological Breakthroughs for Promoting Health Span
  • Session 4 – Artificial Intelligence: Enhancing Food Supply, Nutrition and Health into the Future
  • Session 5 – Food Safety and Nutrition:Current and Future Trends in the Context of Global Climate Change and Sustainability Initiatives
  • Session 6 – Climate-Resilient Soil Management Strategies

You can find more information about the different sessions HERE.

 Key Dates:

  • Exclusive Access Period: February 15, 2024, to September 2024.
  • Public Access: Starting October 2024.

We appreciate your support, which allows us to continue fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within our community.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to your active participation.

ILSI’s 2024 Annual Science Symposium Video Recordings Registration Form:

Price: $200.00
You will receive an email with a unique invitation link to view the videos online via Vimeo within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.