Low-Calorie Sweeteners: Update on Health & Safety
This session is sponsored by ILSI North America and ILSI Europe.

Low-calorie sweeteners (LCS) are ingredients used in formulating foods and beverages to reduce their sugar and caloric contents.   Questions have been raised in the popular press and by public health communities regarding their potential benefits and safety. This session will focus on common frameworks for addressing such questions. Systematic reviews with meta-analyses, the gold standard for evaluating a body of research regarding diet and health, will be discussed. Such reviews have been used in dietary guidance development by the World Health Organization in evaluating evidence on research questions regarding sugars and health. The latest systematic reviews examining the relationship of LCS intake with weight and glycemic response will be presented. Additionally, the global frameworks for regulatory and safety evaluations will be addressed. Finally, research exploring the science of sweet taste and implications for the use of LCS will be discussed.

Low-Calorie Sweeteners and Weight – A Systematic Review of Human and Animal Studies
Peter Rogers, PhD, RNutr (Session Chair)
Bristol University
United Kingdom

Low-Calorie Sweeteners and Glycemic Response
Xavier Pi-Sunyer, MD, MPH
Columbia University Medical Center

Global Safety and Regulatory Processes for the Evaluation of Low-Calorie Sweeteners
Ashley Roberts, PhD
Intertek Regulatory & Scientific Consultancy

Sweet Taste and Implications with Low-Calorie Sweetener Use
France Bellisle, DSc
Université Paris