Physical Activity & Health: New Knowledge in Research & Technologies
This session is sponsored by ILSI North America, ILSI Focal Point in China, and ILSI Argentina.

This session will explore the latest research on health benefits of physical activity and focus on new and innovative technologies that both promote physical activity and provide better methods for collection and analysis of physical activity and dietary intake data.  Two case studies will be presented and the session will also examine the application of combination approaches and technologies for individualized physical activity and food intake measures for better adherence to public health recommendations and to promote personalized interventions.

Introductory Remarks: State of the Science on the Biological Importance of Diet & Physical Activity in Disease Risk Reduction and Health Maintenance
Ángel Gil, PhD
University of Granada

New Methods: Learnings from Biosurveillance
Carol Boushey, PhD
University of Hawaii

Exercise is Medicine
Wenhua Zhao, MD, PhD
ILSI Focal Point China and Chinese Center for Disease Control & Prevention

Mini Salten
Irina Kovalskys, MD
ILSI Argentina

New Combination Methods for Advancing Physical Activity and Food Intake Assessment for Better Adherence to Public Health Recommendations
Michael Pratt, MD, MPH
University of California, San Diego