White Paper on Integrated Food Chain Surveillance for Enhancing Food Safety- A Model Approach


Safety of food and water is of paramount importance in the public health domain. Safety concerns include all those hazards which make food injurious to health. Specific of these food hazards are chemical and microbiological contaminants, biological toxins, pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, and allergens.

It is important that a National Food Control System should be such that the consumer is protected from unsafe food. The integrated food chain surveillance system is being recognized as a holistic approach in various developed countries for controlling food safety risks across the entire food chain.

Keeping the aforesaid considerations in view the current White Paper on “Integrated Food Chain Surveillance for Enhancing Food Safety- A Model Approach” captures some of the critical areas of operation that need to be addressed holistically. The application, feasibility and usefulness of the Integrated Food Chain Surveillance system is explored from a developing country perspective including India through a review of literature and designing a “Model Activity Plan” of the integrated food chain surveillance in the Indian context.

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