ILSI’s Nutrition & Health Program at ICN

ILSI is doing something it does best at the 2017 International Congress of Nutrition (ICN).

We are bringing together experts from around the globe to provide diverse disciplinary and geographic perspective on the science underlying hot nutrition and health topics.

Twenty-eight speakers from Asia, Europe, and the Americas will offer their unique insights on current science and on opportunities for moving science into health and wellness solutions. Many speakers will specifically address collecting and comparing data across geographic borders and cultures.

We’ve organized these seven sessions at ICN, below. Details, which include presentation abstracts, speaker biosketches, and handy Twitter guides for on-site discussion of the issues, are online.

We hope you are joining us in Buenos Aires for ICN. Complete program and registration information is available from the organizers at: 2017 ICN Program.

If you are not traveling to Argentina, watch for announcements from ILSI as copies of presentations and session videos become available.

Aging Gracefully: Staying Healthy & Well Late into Life

What are the physiological mechanisms of aging, how are they modulated by nutrition, and what can we learn from comparing data among Latin American and Asian countries?

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The Human Microbiome: Sharing Our Bodies

What is the latest science in this growing field and what does it mean for how we approach total health?

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Low-Calorie Sweeteners: Update on Health & Safety

Experts from Europe and North America will discuss the safety and efficacy of ingredients used to reduce sugar and caloric profiles of foods and beverages.

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Physical Activity & Health: New Knowledge in Research and Technologies

This session will explore “exercise as medicine” and individualized physical activity and food intake strategies for better health.

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Advancement of Global Food Composition Databases

Learn how complete and accurate food composition data is critical for understanding current and future nutrition challenges.

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Sodium Reductions & Considerations with Mineral Intakes

How do we meet sodium reduction goals without adversely affecting other mineral intake or increasing risk for microbial contamination of foods?

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Understanding Dietary Patterns: A Step toward Devising a Global Nutrition Strategy

Speakers from Asia and Central, North, and South America will examine food behavior in context of globalized economies.

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