Academic activities

ILSI Mesoamerica is pleased to present the following activities of great scientific interest organized by our partners and allies.


Past activities:

Webinar: Basic Principles of Nanotechnology

Webinar: Challenges and opportunities for the production and export of cricket powder in Costa Rica

Webinar: Food-Water-Energy: Nexus Approaches to Sustainable Development and Improved Living Standards

First Panama Forum: Earth Observations for Social Benefit

You can watch the webinar videos here: Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3: Part A and Part B

Course: Allergen Management in the Food Industry (LIMITED SPACE)

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Discussion "Physical activity and exercise safely for people with diabetes mellitus: indications and contraindications according to recent evidence"


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National Food Systems Dialogue: Transformative Actions for Sustainable Production and Consumption in Costa Rica

Conversation "Control of diet and exercise when using insulin"


You can watch the video here

The cycle of virtual talks World Safety Day

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Phone: (506) 2511-8845

Discussion Beyond meta-analysis: umbrella reviews and others "


You can watch the video here

Round table: Safety Management under the One Health Approach in Sustainable Food Systems

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Webinar: Juice and Beverage Innovation: Smart Processing, Health, and Business Opportunities

You can watch the video here

Webinar Consumer Trends Driving Demand for Fruit Juices and Beverages

You can watch the video here

Webinar: Development of new beverage categories using high hydrostatic pressure (HPP) technology