Ordinary General Assembly 2018

Ordinary General Assembly ILSI Mesoamerica 2018
San José, Costa Rica
February 6, 2018
2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Hotel Barceló San José Palacio

ILSI Mesoamerica holds its Ordinary General Assembly of 2018, in which a review is made of the objectives achieved during 2017 and the activities that will take place in 2018.

For this special occasion will be the participation of representatives of all industrial partners as well as representatives of academic partners. At the same time we will have the presence of special invitees, this in order to know the work done by ILSI Mesoamerica.

Speakers to the scientific session:

Dr. Jessie Usaga.
CITA - Costa Rica University

Presentation: Validation of control measures and pathogens reduction steps for the safe production of traditional artisanal dairy products from the Mesoamerican region

Dr. Georgina Gómez.
Costa Rica University

Presentation: ELANS Costa Rica Phase II.

Reports presented:

1- Mr. Jorge Arturo Jara, President of ILSI Mesoamerica, presented the 2017 work report

2- Mrs. Natalia Carvajal, Treasurer of ILSI Mesoamerica presented the financial report: statement of income and balance sheet

3- Ms. Amalia Cavallo, Prosecutor of ILSI Mesoamerica, presented the prosecutor's report

4- Dr. Hannia León, Executive Director of ILSI Mesoamerica, presented the work plan

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